When to Go to Zimbabwe

Cheetah in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe
Hwange National Park

Zimbabwe by Season

Zimbabwe’s year can be split into two seasons, the wet and the dry. The most popular time to come is in the height of the dry season, from July to October, when the lack of water draws the wildlife out of the forests and allows you to see it in greater numbers. That said, visiting outside this time brings better value, fewer people, and more lush scenery. To help you choose when’s best for you to travel, we’ve split the year in half:

Victoria Falls spray
Dry Season

April to October

Zimbabwe’s dry season is the peak time for game viewing, as the animals come out of the bush in search of water. On the flip side, the great wildlife sightings and bright, clear weather bring more people and higher prices. It’s not too hot though, with average temperatures around 25 to 30°C. Victoria Falls’ spray is at its greatest from April to June; see it from a helicopter for the best vantage point.

Go for:

White Water Rafting: rafting on the Zambezi is one of the most exciting ways to take in Victoria Falls. The best time to try is between September and November, when the water levels are not too high.

Devil’s Pool: if you fancy a dip in the Devil’s Pool, a small rock pool on the edge of Victoria Falls, then the best time to do it is in September and November, when the Zambezi’s water levels are lowest.

Malachite kingfisher
Wet Season

November to March

As the rains arrive, so do the migratory birds, making the wet season an excellent time for bird watching, although do come prepared for the odd afternoon thunderstorm. Daytime temperatures climb well above 30°C so March is a great time to visit Victoria Falls, just before the spray gets too high, and when you’ve a good chance of seeing a spray rainbow.

Go for:

Birdwatching: October to April is the best time to look for birds in Zimbabwe, as many have their breeding plumage on show. Look out for bee-eaters, fish eagles, storks and woodpeckers.

Lunar rainbows: every month, Victoria Falls experiences a lunar rainbow, a rainbow that appears by the light of the full moon. They can be seen year-round but March’s high spray levels offer one of the best views.

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