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The Grand Canyon

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So you’ve decided to seize the day and visit the United States! But it’s so vast and presents you with so many options that you’re not sure where to start? Well you’ve come to the right place. Home to almost 320 million people and with 50 states to choose from, the USA offers more than anyone can fit into one holiday. But it is possible to get a feel for what makes Americans so proud of their country, especially if you take the time to explore by road and take advantage of our expertise. To help you begin planning your USA holiday, we’ve broken up the 50 states into manageable regions.

Featured cities: San Francisco, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Florida

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Texas, USA

The South USA

The South USA

Texas and New Orleans

Where bigger is better, in the south you’ll enjoy famed hospitality, barbecue and creole cuisine and an iconic soundtrack of Elvis, jazz and country music. For a great southern road trip, we recommend putting on your cowboy hat and driving west to east, winding your way from Texas to Louisiana, where you can even go on to end your holiday with some beach time in Florida.

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McWay Falls, Big Sur

West Coast USA

West Coast USA

California & Las Vegas

With mild-weather, notable natural landmarks and unique cities all easily accessed by highway, the West Coast is the ultimate road-tripping region of the USA. From the breezy beaches of San Francisco, to the bright lights of Las Vegas and the iconic highways in between, a holiday in the west offers the perfect mix of big cities (see Los Angeles), beautiful beaches and the freedom of the open road. Choose your own adventure or follow our recommended itineraries.

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Yellowstone National Park

The Midwest USA

The Midwest USA

Chicago & Yellowstone National Park

The America of porches, charming towns and friendly people, the Midwest is where you’ll find the Great Lakes, the Rocky Mountains, national parks and scenic farmland. For your Midwestern adventure, shape your trip around seeing the Great Lakes, exploring the Rocky Mountains, visiting the national parks, or better yet seeing it all by driving from coast to coast.

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Brooklyn Bridge, New York

East Coast USA

East Coast USA

New York, New England & Florida

From the leafy scenery of Maine in the north to the balmy coastline of the Carolinas in the south, and city stopovers like Boston and New York in-between, the east is a coast of extremes. To tackle the East Coast, we recommend beginning in New York and opting to go north or south. North of New York you can enjoy beautiful New England countryside and charming towns, while in the south you’ll find southern hospitality and superb Florida beaches.

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Big Island, Hawaii



Honolulu & the Islands

For a stopover, or a holiday in its own right, Hawaii is beloved for its blissful beaches, multi-coloured coral reefs, active volcanoes and laid-back locals. Within the US state there are eight major islands. Most of the action takes places on Oahu, which is where you’ll find Honolulu, but it’s also worth visiting the more serene islands of Maui and Kauai as well.

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Denali National Park



Anchorage and national parks

The USA’s largest state, Alaska is America at its wildest complete with snow-capped mountains, grizzly bears and more than half the world’s glaciers. Due to its remoteness and wild landscapes, Alaska is a fantastic destination to explore by cruise. By land, Anchorage is the main entry point from which you can join a range of escorted tours to experience the surrounding national parks.


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