The Best Time to Visit Uluru

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Uluru by seasons

The local Anangu people believe there are five seasons at Uluru, based on the fruits and the flowers available at different times of year. The dates for the Anangu seasons are not fixed, and so to help you choose when to travel, we’ve simplified the year into the more familiar seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter:

Spring at Uluru

September to November

Warm winds from the north arrive in spring, and Uluru’s flowers and plants burst into life. Look out for kangaroos as they enter their breeding season, and reptiles as they come out of hibernation. Days are warm and sunny with temperatures increasing from an average of 26°C in September to 34°C in November, so don’t forget your sunglasses and sunscreen.

Summer at Uluru

December to February

Summer is the hottest time of year to visit Uluru, with temperatures soaring to the high thirties (although the record is 47°C). Thunder and lightening can occur and the ground is very dry. While it is possible to travel at this time you’ll need to be prepared for extreme heat – carry plenty of water – and the possibility that walking trails will be closed due to high temperatures.

Autumn at Uluru

March to May

Autumn sees cooler temperatures and the start of peak Uluru visiting time. Although you may spot the odd cloud in the sky, these rarely produce rain and instead days are warm and sunny with temperatures falling somewhere between 22 and 28°C. As the year moves into May, early mornings can get surprisingly chilly, so do bring a jacket.

Winter at Uluru

June to August

Winter brings pleasantly warm and sunny days and the ideal conditions for hiking around Uluru. Days average around 20°C while at night temperatures can drop as low as 5°C, so do be prepared for all eventualities. Early mornings may be quite dewy and frost is even possible. Winter is also the time when Uluru’s changing colours are at their most vibrant.

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