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Las Vegas Strip by night
The Las Vegas Strip

Visit Las Vegas

As a city full of energy (and no clocks), there's no shortage of places to visit in Las Vegas. In fact, each building is a world unto itself complete with accommodation, award-winning restaurants, dazzling shows, lavish pools, and of course an opulent casino. To help you navigate the colour and thrilling chaos of it all, we've outlined our favourite places to see in Las Vegas and how to see them.

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Las Vegas is a larger than life, 24/7, real-life fantasy

Vegas is a rare breed. In fact, it’s just about the only destination on the planet where the main attraction is its hotels. And who would be surprised? Here you can see volcanoes erupt, fountains dance and gondolas float down a replica canal. And if that’s not enough, you can ride a sky-high rollercoaster, bungee jump above The Strip and even catch a live jousting tournament. Think about the weirdest, most fun, fascinating dream you’ve ever had – the kind of dream that sticks with you for hours, nay, days. That’s Vegas in a nutshell.

In Vegas, I recommend staying at the Cosmopolitan…

“While it’s great to visit the old classic hotels, I highly recommend staying at the modern Cosmopolitan. The hotel and stylish and chic and has a wonderful chandelier bar inside. Best of all, some of the rooms enjoy views of the Bellagio fountains, giving you a taste of old while enjoying the benefits of the new," Katie Bitten.

Did you know?

Roulette wheel, Vegas

You haven’t always been able to gamble in Vegas – in fact betting was shut down altogether in 1910 before being re-legalised in 1931. 

Welcome to Las Vegas sign

There are over 15,000 miles of neon tubing in the city. There’s even a Neon Museum dedicated to the bright lights of Vegas. 


Over 60,000 pounds of shrimp are consumed in Vegas every day, which is more than the entire nation combined! 


There are over 300 weddings a day in the city. 

How to get around

Las Vegas monorail

Every mode of transport

Taxis, scooters, buses, hire cars and the monorail – Vegas has it all. Most of them gravitate towards The Strip too, making getting around pretty straightforward. So all you need to worry about is getting from your origin – whether that be the airport, the Grand Canyon or further afield – to The Strip, where most of the hotels are located. Once there, for an environmental option, the monorail will take you from casino door to casino door for as little as US$5 per ride. Even you’re travelling in a group, taxis are also a great option. Just remember, it’s illegal to hail a taxi off the strip. Instead you need to go into one of the hotels and wait at the designated taxi bays. 

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Round the World Expert Lizzie Ellam

If you plan on driving from Los Angeles or San Diego to Las Vegas, I highly recommend adding a stopover in Palm Springs. The resort town is a great place to take a break from the road and enjoy some sun by the pool. 

- Lizzie Ellam, Expert
Las Vegas strip at night
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