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A pagoda in front of Mount Fuji
Mount Fuji

Places to visit in Japan

From neon bright and futuristic cities to peacefull villages that remain almost untouched by modern day life, few countries in the world can claim the contrasts that Japan does. It's these extremes, as well as one of the best train systems in the world, that makes it so appealing to travellers. Though the culture and language is world's apart from the western world, Japan is an incredibly welcoming country that's suprisingly easy to navigate; a smile and bow can get you far.

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Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo Mount Fuji



Big cities and peaceful countryside

For the Japan of futuristic cities brimming with neon lights and cutting edge culture, Honshu is where much of the action happens. Considered the country’s mainland, Honshu is home to the capital and largest city of Tokyo, the nightlife and commercial centre of Osaka and the historic city of Kyoto, each of which offers a unique perspective of Japanese life and deserves a few days of your itinerary. Beyond the bustling cities, Honshu is also home to incredibly peaceful countryside, rugged alps, seaside towns and the famed Mount Fuji.

A person skiing in front of Mount Fuji Ski slopes at Niseko



Wilderness and ski resorts

Considered to be off the beaten track even by local standards, Hokkaido is Japan’s most northern island and the second largest. Considering its impressive size, over 70% of the island is covered by forest, offering a unique opportunity to experience Japan’s wild and rugged side. Its rolling hills also mean Hokkaido is an ideal island for skiing, and is where you’ll find the famed Niseko ski resort. Visiting Hokkaido, most people begin in the island’s capital Sapporo, famed for its snow festival and Sapporo Brewery.


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A beach in Okinawa, Japan A beach in Okinawa

Kyushu and Okinawa Islands

Kyushu and Okinawa Islands

Hot springs and beaches

Japan’s third largest island, Kyushu is covered in mountains and active volcanos, earning it the nickname of ‘Onsen Island.’ While there are many hot springs on the Kyushu, Beppu is regarded as the most famous. Kyushu also enjoys an incredible history dating back over 10,000 years and is home to a number of historic sites including ancient shrines and Fukuoka Castle. Further south the Okinawa Islands are Asia’s answer to Hawaii and are famed for their scuba-diving. 


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Matsuyama Castle in Japan Matsuyama Castle



History and art

The smallest and least visited of all the islands, Shikoku enjoys an unassuming reputation. Those who do venture there though - and you can quite easily via various bridges that connect the island to Honshu – will be rewarded with a very traditional and spiritual experience in Japan. A site of ancient Buddhist pilgrimage, the island is home to age-old shrines, castles and onsens. This is also where you’ll find the famous art island of Naoshima, and the Naruto whirlpools, one of the largest whirlpools in the world. 


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Most people will fly into Tokyo but don't miss visiting Kyoto. This is the cultural heart of Japan and where you can experience everything from temples and shrines to ninja training!

A suspension bridge over Shirakawa-go

When visiting Japan, be sure to venture into the Japanese Alps to visit the preserved ancient town of Shirakawa-go #expertfinds #shirakawago #japan #traveltips #traveljapan

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