When to Go to French Polynesia

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French Polynesia by Season

French Polynesia enjoys a tropical climate, with steady temperatures and year-round warm sun. The islands can be visited at any time, although there is slightly more chance of rain between November and April, although as long as you come prepared, this should not pose a problem. French Polynesia experiences just two seasons, winter and summer, which are the reverse of those in the UK.

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November to April

French Polynesia’s summer brings hot, sunny days and high humidity. Temperatures hover in the high twenties and low thirties, chances of rain increase, and although showers can be intense, they rarely last long and are usually replaced with bright sunshine. If you’re visiting the islands in summer, staying in a hotel with air conditioning is highly recommended.

Go for:

Chinese New Year: join French Polynesia’s Chinese inhabitants for this celebration of the new year, held in January or February, which sees music, dancing, singing and processions across the islands.

Ori Tahiti: in April, celebrate all things Polynesian dance at this dance extravaganza, held in Tahiti and featuring dancers in brightly coloured traditional costumes.

Turquoise lagoon in Bora Bora

May to October

Despite being called winter, this is the best season to visit French Polynesia, weather-wise. Days are warm and sunny, humidity is low and chances of rain are minimal. Temperatures hovering around the mid-twenties make this the ideal time to hit the beach. September sees the sun at just the right height to make French Polynesia’s lagoons shine their brightest shades of turquoise.

Go for:

Heiva i Bora Bora: in July, the Bora Boran town of Vaitape puts up a big stage and invites spectators to watch the singing, dancing, sports competitions and beauty pageants. Another version of this festival is held in Papeete.

Bounty Festival Tahiti: on 26th October, the anniversary of the Bounty dropping anchor in Tahiti 1789 is commemorated in this festival, which includes the building of a replica of the ship.

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