The Best Time to Visit Cuba

Varadero beach, Cuba
Varadero Beach

Cuba by seasons

Move over Philadelphia: it’s always sunny in Cuba. With an average of 330 days of sunshine per year, there isn’t really a bad time to visit. The yearly average temperature hovers around 24°C, although it’s cooler during November to April’s dry season. Most tourists visit from December to March and in July and August, so to help you decide when to travel we’ve split the year into its two seasons:

Varadero Beach in the sunshine
Dry Season

November to April

Cuba’s dry season is the most popular time to travel to the country. Days are warm and sunny, with little or no rain, and the skies are a vivid blue. This is a great time to explore Cuba’s interior, hike its hills and laze on its beaches, and with temperatures falling to as low as 14°C in Havana, conditions are perfect for a spot of sightseeing in Cuba’s colonial cities.

Go for:

Havana International Latin American Film Festival: in December, Havana celebrates Latin American films and filmmakers at this popular event, which also awards prizes to the best films that year.

Havana International Jazz Festival: held in Havana in December every year since 1979, the annual Jazz Festival sees huge concerts across the city. But the best way to experience it is at the smaller jazz clubs and bars, where the more intimate setting allows a better appreciation of the music. 

May Day, Havana
Wet Season

May to October

Although it is named the wet season, the period from May to October does not see continuous rain. Instead, rain falls for a few hours here and there, only to be replaced by bright sunshine. Humidity is high at this time, while in Havana it’s hot, hot, hot, with temperatures well into the thirties, so you might want to cool off with a Mojito or two. Do note that Hurricane season runs from June to November, but compared with other Caribbean islands Cuba is far less likely to be affected.

Go for:

Carnival of Santiago de Cuba: held every year 25th July, this carnival has been celebrated for centuries, and today includes floats, costumes, Carnival Queens, and a massive conga parade.

May Day: on May 1st, around a million Cubans head for Havana’s revolution Square to listen to speeches, wave their national flag and listen to music at one of the country’s largest celebrations.

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