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Local people in traditional dress in the Cook Islands
Cook Islands dancers

Places to visit in the Cook Islands

If you’ve ever dreamed of escaping to a desert island, the Cook Islands, an archipelago of 15 islands scattered across the South Pacific, would be it. Nature is the big draw here, from the palm-lined beaches and colourful reefs teeming with marine life, to inland adventures exploring caves and rafting downriver. You'll also find plenty of opportunities to explore the Cook Islands’ culture – a fusion of ancient Polynesian heritage and more recent colonial influences, combined with a distinctive Kiwi twist.

While the largest islands like Rarotonga are up to speed with the modern world, even if they prefer a slower pace of life, venturing to far-flung islands of Mangaia, Mau’ke and Mitiaro is your chance to explore traditional villages untouched by time.

Below are some of the islands we recommend visiting. For more advice or to start planning your Cook Islands holiday, talk to an Australasia Expert today on 0800 707 6010.

Rarotonga beach



Rainforest, beaches & volcanoes

An emerald gem glistening in the South Pacific, Rarotonga is the largest, youngest and most popular of the Cook Islands. Its 20-mile circumference drops off into calm blue waters and exotic tropical coral reefs. On land, Rarotonga’s dramatic volcanic landscape is criss-crossed with freshwater streams and heavy with dense vegetation, while its fruit plantations are ripe with bananas, coconuts, paw paw and pineapples. Dive, fish, swim or simply relax.

Aitutaki lagoon



Honeymoon Island

Famous for its turquoise lagoon, the Aitutaki atoll is a short flight from Rarotonga, but a million miles from reality. According to local Polynesian legend, the seafaring warrior Ru settled on Aitutaki with his four beautiful wives. These days, newlyweds of the more traditional variety make their way here for a romantic escape. Fire twirlers, hip-swaying dancers, tropical fish and bustling local markets make this place a potent paradise. 


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Round the World Expert Alex King

I recommend staying nearby Muri Beach. This part of the island has the best weather and snorkelling opportunities, and is also where the traditional Te Vara Nui Village is located.

- Alex King, Expert
A balcony overlooking the ocean in the Cook Islands

The perfect island paradise stopover? It's got to be the Cook Islands in the South Pacific! Our Expert Alex snapped this idyllic shot their last week #expertfinds #rarotonga #cookislands #aitutaki

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