Visit Beijing

The Imperial Palace in Beijing
The Imperial Palace

Visit Beijing

An electric mix of past and present, China’s capital Beijing can easily take up a week of your time; there’s so much to see and do. Walk atop the Great Wall and soak up the mountain scenery or take in the dynastic history at the Forbidden City and Summer Palace. Witness the rise of modern China through the innovative architecture of the CBD, then taste your way through the city’s expansive array of traditional Chinese and contemporary international cuisine.

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The Forbidden City

With its ancient past and modern energy, China’s capital is also its most important cultural, trade and transport hub. On first arrival the jam-packed streets, thronging with people, bikes and cars, can be a little overwhelming, but take your time, seek out its treasures and you’ll soon get under the city’s skin. Look out for traditional Chinese architecture among the high-rises, and seek out the peaceful parks and gardens where locals come to practice tai chi, drink tea or simply sit in contemplation. And for the ultimate day trip, pay a visit to the Great Wall of China.

Did you know?

Bicycles in Beijing

There are nine million bicycles in Beijing. Well, so went the song, but in reality the exact number is unknown, although it's thought to be around 13 million.

Peking duck

Popular local dishes in Beijing include hot and sour soup and Peking duck, a dish dating back to imperial times whereby the duck is hung, glazed and roasted to give it crispy skin.

Beijing Opera

Beijing Opera is a popular local entertainment. It combines singing, dancing and acrobatics together while wearing elaborate costumes. Why not catch a performance?

Forbidden City, Beijing

There are 980 buildings inside Beijing’s Forbidden City, as well as 8,704 rooms. These were home to 24 successive Chinese emperors between 1420 and 1912.

How to get around

Beijing subway

Take the subway

By far the easiest way to get around Beijing is to take the subway. The 17-line network covers all the major sights, is good value, efficient and fast, and the stops are all listed in English as well as Chinese. Taxis are another option, but your driver is unlikely to speak English, so it’s a good idea to carry your address written in Chinese characters. The entire population of Beijing seems to travel by bicycle, so you could join them: the city is flat, most streets have bicycle lanes, and you can see some of the city while you’re at it. 

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