How to Get Over Your Post-Holiday Blues

Published 22 September 2016

Angela Griffin

Angela Griffin

You know the feeling: you’ve been planning your holiday for months, counting down the days, preparing your holiday wardrobe and researching all the tasty-sounding dishes you’re going to eat. Then, quick as a flash, it’s all over and you’re touching down into a rain-soaked Heathrow and wondering why it’s already dark at 4pm. Inevitably, the return to everyday life is something of an anti-climax after a fun-filled week on the other side of the globe.

There’s a name for this phenomena: the post-holiday blues. The condition leads to nostalgia at best and, at worst, depression as your holiday fades into a distant memory. Although in most cases the feeling wears off after a few days or so (and if it doesn’t, see your GP), we’ve put together a few hints and tricks to banish the blues faster:

Sea kayaking in Krabi

Book your next holiday

Give yourself something new to look forward to – book another holiday! Whether it’s for next week or next year, the planning, research and excitement of counting down to your new adventure will soon get you over the old one. And it’s never too early; often you’ll get better deals by booking months in advance, and you’ll have your pick of the best hotels and most convenient flights.

Eiffel tower selfie

Book a weekend away

If the idea of a whole new holiday is too much, or just not plausible so far in advance, book yourself on a short break. Whether it’s a couple of days in Devon or a long weekend in Paris, the minibreak will soon take your mind off the nostalgia for your last trip. Plus you get to explore a new city and create new memories.

Looking through holiday snaps

Sort through your photos

With the advent of GoPros and high quality camera phones that even the least photo-savvy among us can use, we’ve all become snap happy on holiday. So if, like me, you have over a hundred shots of the Sydney Opera House, all from slightly different angles, sort them out. Delete the blurry ones and any repeats, file them properly on your computer and print any you want to frame or stick to the fridge. Looking through your photos will bring back lovely memories of your holiday, making you feel all warm and fuzzy inside and replacing those sad-that-its-over feelings with glad-that-it-happened ones. Much better!

A chat over coffee

Tell all your friends

Also the perfect excuse for a catch-up, telling your friends about your holiday, and perhaps showing them some photos too, will recreate some of the excitement of your adventures and who knows, might inspire your friend to go too. So, ring them up, arrange a lunch date or just send an email to everyone and anyone who will listen. You might bore them senseless with tales of your epic five-day hike up Machu Picchu, but who cares? When it’s their turn, they’ll do it to you.

Surfing in Newquay

Continue with new-found interests

If you spent your holidays kayaking New Zealand’s fjords or surfing on Bondi Beach, why stop there? Back at home, look for your nearest kayaking or surfing club, and continue your new-found hobby. The UK is filled with sports clubs and outdoor adventure centres; it might not feel quite the same white water rafting on a drizzly day in Snowdonia as it did on the Colorado River in the 40-plus degree heat, but it’s better than nothing. Plus, it will get you out of the house, you’ll meet new, like-minded people and then next time you try surfing or kayaking on holiday you can wow everyone with your well-honed skills.

Times Square selfie

Post on social media

You know when you log on to Facebook and your timeline is filled with pictures of your friends sunning themselves on exotic beaches, or posing by the Grand Canyon, and you go green with envy? Flip it on its head and make them jealous for a change. Post a selection of pictures of you looking tanned, in various exotic locales, and silently feel very smug. Better yet, send Round the World Experts the pictures too (#OpenMyWorld) and we might just use them on our twitter, Instagram or Facebook pages. Then your friends will not only be jealous of your holiday, but of your newfound fame too.

Forest dog walk in autumn

Look after yourself

Holidays can be tiring, so it’s important to recover properly. The post-holiday blues can often be exacerbated by jet lag, sunburn or some lingering mosquito bites, so don’t try to do too much too soon. When you get home from the airport, put on the laundry and then relax and rest those weary feet, especially if you’ve been on a few 10-mile-a-day city walks. If you are feeling up to it, perhaps go for a short walk – the fresh air and natural light will make you feel much better, both physically and mentally, after hours cooped up on a plane. Get over your jet lag with a good night’s sleep and don’t even think about checking your emails until you’re back at your desk on Monday morning. If your holiday was a gluttonous one, and to be honest we’d be disappointed if it wasn’t, detox by eating lots of fruit and vegetables and drinking plenty of water, and perhaps stay off the booze for a while.

Tourist at Windsor Castle

Become a tourist at home

If you’re still yearning for that holiday feeling, why not become a tourist in your own town? Look around that castle you’ve been meaning to visit, hike that coastal path or try that cosy pub. Perhaps take a day trip to the seaside, treat yourself to a massage or recreate the joy of not having to cook by going out for dinner. Better yet, do it on a weeknight! For a short while at least, you’ll feel like you’re still on holiday.


Display your souvenirs

If you’ve stocked up on some keepsakes of your trip, be it tacky key rings in the shape of the Empire State Building, an Argentinian poncho or an Opera House-shaped paperweight, then show them off! Put them around your house, or on your desk at work, then every time you look at them you’ll be transported right back to the market where you bought them. Wear your new tie-dye sundress – so what if it’s winter – and if your only souvenir is a new tan, flaunt it. Then wait for the compliments: “Been somewhere nice?” Why yes…

Banish those blues and contact our Experts to book your next holiday today!

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