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How to be More Adventurous on Your Annual Leave

Published 30 March 2016

Round the World Experts

Round the World Expert’s customer, Paul Lima doesn’t just go on your usual holidays. He told us about his favourite destinations, how he plans a trip, and overcoming solo travel, all on his annual leave.

RTWE customer Paul Lima in Sydney

So far I have been…

From Tokyo to Rio de Janeiro, from New York to Sydney, Buenos Aires to New Zealand as well as South Africa, Canada and more! Every trip has been an education and privilege, and it’s all been possible through a bit of hard work, savings, and a very understanding employer.

I travel alone on many of my trips…

A lot of people think it takes courage and a bit of bravado to travel solo, but for me all I’ve needed  is to be streetwise- particularly when visiting places that have been foreign to me like Hong Kong and Tokyo. The occasional nerves do strike every now and then but the adrenaline when arriving in a new country still fills me with excitement. I don’t think anyone should be afraid of travelling the world solo.

RTWE customer Paul Lima on a beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Each trip I do, I make sure to experience something special…

In Tokyo I took myself off to Mt. Fuji (only an hour and half away), in Sydney I went Whale Watching, when I went to New Zealand I climbed a Glacier, I awed at the Iguazu Falls in Argentina and in Rio I trekked up the side of a forested mountain with amazing views. This is what travelling is about to me, all these experiences make me feel free whilst teaching me lessons about the world.

I would not have been able to see nearly half as much as I have without a lot of planning…

Remember that your trips could possibly be a once in a life time opportunity so think carefully about what you want to see and do. Put some time aside to research what there is to do in an area and plan convenient times, although try and schedule in a ‘chill out’ day. Travelling can be incredibly exhausting and all the excitement will tire you out, believe me!

RTWE customer Paul Lima in Argentina

I planned my first big trip with Round the World Experts and what they sorted for me was incredible…

They did a great job with the budget I had. It is unreal what £60 a night can get you in Hong Kong compared to what it won’t get you in Sydney. They helped me investigate various options of hotels, dates, flights etc. and ultimately what I got surpassed what I imagined.

Of all the places I have been to, very few have touched me the way New Zealand’s south island has…

It totally captivated me the moment I arrived. Through Round the World Experts, I arranged a car for my two days there and the freedom I felt driving through Arthurs Pass over to Franz Josef was just unreal. The variable landscapes, flat wide and luscious green open fields and forests to then mountainous snow-capped peaks with perilous winding roads felt like such an adventure. I will never forget that feeling; being on my own, but so connected to nature.

If you are thinking about going on your own adventure then just do it! You won’t regret it.

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