A Half Day Tour of Tokyo

Published 15 November 2017

Pho East Movement

Pho East Movement

To anyone craving excitement in a big city, Tokyo is definitely the place to be. With its bright lights and exquisite cuisine, it doesn’t fall short of things to do. As a couple who live in a busy city , we thought we knew what to expect, but boy were we wrong. As modern as Tokyo was, with its high-tech gadgets and high-rise buildings, it was still able to offer us so much of Japan’s harmonic culture and history entwined within it.

Tokyo Street Scene

Tokyo Street Scene image: Pho East Movement 

Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo

Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo image: Pho East Movement 

On our second day, our travel company Round the World Experts had booked us a half day tour of Tokyo which helped ease us into travelling around the busy city without fear of getting lost, or worse, accidentally stumbling into a karaoke bar! One of our stops was to the peaceful Meiji Jingu shrine located in busy Shibuya. It offers peace and serenity to those in search of it. We were even lucky enough to witness a traditional wedding being performed right in the center of the shrine. It’s amazing to see a city so modern and advanced not forgetting their deeply rooted heritage.

Wedding at Meiji Jingu shrine, Tokyo

Wedding at Meiji Jingu shrine

Wedding at Meiji Jingu shrine, Tokyo images: Pho East Movement 

Following the Meiji Jingu shrine the serenity continued into the eastern gardens of the Imperial Palace. While taking a guided walk in such a green paradise, for a moment you forget that you’re in the busiest city in the world. Vibrant flowers and elegant Koi fish are only a few of the breath-taking glimpses that this mesmerising garden has to offer.

Imperial Palace Gardens, Tokyo

Imperial Palace Gardens

Imperial Palace Gardens images: Pho East Movement 

The next stop was Senso-ji, an ancient Buddhist temple located in Asakusa. We were amazed at how busy and vibrant it was in contrast to the peaceful shrine and palace gardens. The pathway to the temple was filled with souvenir shops and delicious-smelling food stalls that would tempt even the fullest of stomachs. Our personal favorite was the matcha ice cream, perfect for cooling down on a hot day while deciding what colour kimono to buy.

Meiji Jingu shrine

Prayers at Meiji Jingu shrine

Meiji Jingu shrine images: Pho East Movement 

All in all, the half day tour with Round The World Experts should be the starting point for those enjoying a short stay in this bustling city, it offers you enough insight into Tokyo’s past and future whilst enjoying it in the present.

About Pho East Movement:

A couple's escape from the bustling city to discover finger licking foods amongst the wonders of the world. Food and travel is our passion, so if the food is good and the scenery is beautiful, it's getting captured, so #Phollowthemovement'' and join us @phoeastmovement.

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