The Best Travel Tips of 2014

Round the World Experts

Another year filled with travels, means another year filled with lessons. The RTWExperts team and our Facebook followers have compiled a list of the handiest travel tips we have learned in 2014.

Prepare yourself, because travelling just got a whole lot easier.

Man wearing boots overlooking river and mountains from above

Take a business card from the hotel you’re staying at

This way you’ll always be able to get back to where you’re staying, no matter how far you venture. Just simply give the card to the driver if you’re catching a cab, or put the post code into your GPS.

Use pipe cleaners to contain cables

A pile of colourful pipe cleaners

If you look online or in the shops, you’ll find handy gadgets that hold all your cables together. But,  if you want to save your pennies, a pipe cleaner works just as well.

These nostalgic childhood objects are extremely helpful to make sure your wires don’t get in a tangle. Simply wrap up the wires or your phone, laptop, or other electrical charger, and secure them with a piper cleaner by twisting it around the cables.

Use a button to store earrings

Nothing is worse than packing a special pair of earrings to only find that one has disappeared once you’ve arrived at your destination.

This is where a button with two or four holes comes in handy. Simply put the earrings through the holes – like you would your ear lobe – and secure them. Not only those this help keep things tidy, but it also makes life a lot easier when you’re earrings are already paired together.

Wear your heaviest clothes to the airport

People sitting on red chairs at the airport

Whether you’re taking hand luggage or you’re checking baggage in, it helps to wear your heaviest clothes to the airport. This can mean anything from hiking boots and winter coats to trainers and denim jeans. By wearing your heavier clothes you’re less at risk of facing extra baggage fees, and you’ll be able to pack more smaller clothes, and take home larger souvenirs. Your family and friends will be happy about that.

Forward important documents to a family member or friend.

It’s best to forward documents such as flights and hotel confirmations, as soon as you receive them. Then, if for some reason you get locked out of your email account or lose your print outs, you’ll still be able to access them via a good friend or family member.

Buy tickets when you arrive

In an era of online booking and weeks in advanced reservations, many of us can feel anxious about not having everything booked before a trip. But, we’re here to tell you to just relax. In other countries, you’ll find that tickets will cost the same price as they would online – a modern myth in today’s western culture – and you’ll have more flexibility. If you’re looking to book a train ticket to another city, wait until you arrive. You never know, you might love the place you’re staying in so much that you’ll want to stay a bit longer, or vice versa – you might want to leave ahead of schedule!

Don’t be controlled by the Wi-Fi

Following on from the rant of the online crutch of the Western world, many travellers can get hung up on where to find Wi-Fi. Unless you’re travelling for business of course, use the time to detach yourself from the internet and the online world. Choose a café or a pub because of its food and ambience, not because you’ll be able to load your holiday snaps a few days early.

Your Travel Tips of 2014

It wasn’t just us offering our travel tips! Facebook followers, Paul and Helen, let us in on what they’ve learned on their travels in 2014.

Girl by her self walking through ruins

"Go it alone and travel as light as possible. I had the most amazing time in February and March this year in Brazil, Argentina and New York. Going it alone opens up far more opportunities to meeting people than you would think going with someone does and you get to do exactly what you want to make the most of the experience." - Paul Lima

"Make sure that you have adequate travel insurance and that you take the insurance as soon as you book your holiday – not nearer the travel date." - Helen Payne

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