The Best Gadgets for Travelling

Rusja Foster

Rusja Foster

These days it’s almost impossible to imagine our day to day lives without advanced technology, let alone the unfamiliar environments we’re all faced with on a regular basis when travelling. It’s a small wonder anyone ever returned home back in the dark ages, aka pre-2000. Heralding the 10 best gadgets for travelling is Rusja Foster, a self-confessed tech-junkie-vagabond. They’re all the apple of her eye. 

Mobile Phone

So you’re going travelling? Excellent. Good Choice. Are you a little bit nervous? Yeah, I was too, so to calm my nerves and give me a helping hand on my travels I looked to what I know best…gadgets.

Anyone that knows me will tell you that I’m an absolute gadget queen; I love anything with buttons (or lack thereof), wires and cables. Things that do something that I can’t, or just make my life a little bit easier. And I don’t think I have to tell you that I’m a massive Apple geek.  So how will gadgets help your new travelling lifestyle? Well I’m here to give you the lowdown on the top 10 technological toys that will enhance your travel experience.

The iPod

Music is the best thing to get you through all those long journeys you’re going to be doing and the iPod is the man for the job. With plenty of different models to choose from, you can have a selection of your favourite songs, or even you entire music library right in your pocket (or backpack).

iPod on a beach

The iPad

As a travel blogger, it was important for me to be able to get online and have somewhere to store my photos and videos, but I didn’t want to take my heavy laptop around the world with me. So the iPad was the obvious choice, with it’s intuitive operating system, easy online access, and most importantly, all the helpful travel apps I could dream of, and now it comes in a mini size too! Along with the iPad I would also recommend an iPad keyboard; you can type away, like normal, to your heart’s content.

The iPad Camera Connector Kit

If you have an iPad and a camera, you’re going to want this kit. Plain and simple, it makes life very easy when it comes to storing all your photos. Just plug it in and upload. The kit comes with two adapters, one for an SD card and one for a USB connection…this is one for all the camera nerds out there.

The Olympus Tough

To be more specific, I have the Tough TG-610, and it was possibly the best purchase I made before I set off around the world. With its rugged exterior and underwater capabilities, it went everywhere with me and survived to tell the tale. There are a number of different models but I am confident in saying that this camera is possibly the best camera I’ve ever owned, and it makes a fantastic travel companion.

The GoPro Hero3

This is a new one for me, and isn’t something I have previously travelled with but after seeing their new advert I am absolutely sold. This is a great little camera for all those adventure activities you’ll be doing on your travels, and it comes with plenty of mounting accessories so you can surf, ski, do any number of crazy things and catch it all on camera.

Image from a GoPro of person kyaking

Skross All-In-One Plug Adaptor

On a round the world trip, you’re going to be hitting a lot of countries, and those countries all have different electrical outlets. It’s annoying, but not when you have one of these handy world travel adapters. You can even get one that will charge your USB products too (i.e. like an iPad)…one plug does all!

PowerMonkey Solar Charger

We all know what it’s like when your phone/laptop/iPod runs out of battery…annoying right? But not anymore, because with this solar powered charger you can boost your battery life with just a little bit of sunshine and keep on talking/working/dancing.

X-mini II Portable Speakers

There’s nothing that brings a group of strangers together like music. So next time you’re in a quiet hostel dorm room, liven things up with your iPod and these fantastic portable speakers. It’s astounding how such a tiny product can emit such a massive sound.

Headphone Splitter

There’s nothing more annoying than sitting next to a friend on a bus or a plane or a train, watching a movie and having to share earphones. Someone leans forward or puts their arm on the cable, and bam, the earphone has been whisked away from your ear. These headphone splitters will put an end to that, just plug one end into your laptop/iPad/iPhone and at the other end? Well you can both have your own set of headphones…voila!

Nalgene Bottle Firefly Adapter

If, like me, you work at a summer camp in the woods, or you’re just into your camping, these amazing little water bottle adapters are a must-have. Running on AAA batteries, they shine light into your bottle and turn it into a lantern. Fantastic for those late nights spent sitting round the campfire!

*Disclaimer: the author was not paid to endorse any of these products; all opinions are her own.

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