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Multi stop flights are a great way to explore a region, allowing you to pick and choose where you want to go to make the most of your travels. Multi-stop flights which are also known as multi city flights can be complex, so we have only expert consultants with heaps of experience to help you plan your journey.

Also get free support on your travels with our Travel Butler, here to help make your multi destination flights and trip as enjoyable and hassle free as possible. Explore worldwide destinations including Asia, Africa, Australasia, South America and more.

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Discover the Best of California
2 centres SAVE £371 £505 from
London » Los Angeles (make your own way to) San Francisco » London .
Explore Thailand with Etihad Airways
2 centres SAVE £180 £509 from
London » Phuket (make your own way to) Chiang Mai » London .
City to Beach Voyager
2 centres SAVE £236 £525 from
London » Singapore (make your own way to) Phuket »London .
Explore Brazil to Argentina
2 centres SAVE £224 £525 from
London » Rio de Janeiro (make your own way to) Buenos Aires » London .
Cambodia Explorer with Qatar
2 centres SAVE £223 £529 from
London » Phnom Penh (make your own way to) Ho Chi Minh City » London .
Discover Thailand with Emirates
2 centres SAVE £260 £529 from
London » Phuket (make your own way to) Bangkok » London .
The Thailand Voyager
3 centres SAVE £256 £529 from
London » Phuket (make your own way to) Chiang Mai » Bangkok » London .
Southern Cross Continent
2 centres SAVE £292 £529 from
London » Rio de Janeiro (make your own way to) Lima » London .
Bangkok to Beach with Singapore Airlines
2 centres SAVE £240 £529 from
London » Bangkok (make your own way to) Langkawi » London .
South Africa Explorer
2 centres SAVE £169 £535 from
London » Johannesburg (make your own way to) Cape Town » London .

What is a multi-stop flight?

With thousands of destinations around the world waiting to be explored, your options are virtually endless when it comes to multiple destination flights. Multi flights are the easiest way to make the most of your travels, allowing you to visit multiple destinations in one affordable airfare package. Some popular and favourite multi-stop flight destinations include New York, Los Angeles, Bangkok, Auckland, Sydney and Rio de Janeiro. Unlike with a round the world ticket, you are not limited to travelling in a single direction – the options are infinite with the right expertise.

Booking multi-stop flights

The beauty of multi city flights is that it can be whatever you want it to be... Whether you’re heading abroad for a couple of weeks and want to cover as much ground as possible in your time off, or you’re planning a longer adventure and want to dedicate some serious time to exploring your chosen destinations. At Round the World Experts we specialise in multi trip flights and can tailor your airfare package to your specific needs and budget, like a personalised multi stop route planner.

We’ve picked out a few of our favourite multi-stop flights for different circumstances, to give you an idea of the selection of cheap multi-stop flights we have to offer:

Perfect for a 2 – 3 week multi-stop holiday:

If you’ve only got 2 weeks holiday but want to travel to far-flung places, multi-stop holidays are the way forward.

City Breakway:

Perfect for a fly-drive holiday along the East Coast of the USA

city breakaway multi stop flight, london to lisbon to usa

Remember we can help you plan your whole trip: motor home, hotels, tours and more.

A Taste of South East Asia:

A couple of weeks is the perfect amount of time to make your way from buzzing Bangkok through Cambodia to Ho Chi Minh City.

a taste of south east asia cheap multi city flight

Check out our tour deals and accommodation in South East Asia.

For a 2 to 3 month break:

From Kili to the City

Set off on an African adventure travelling from the iconic Mount Kilimanjaro through diverse and enchanting landscapes to the modern city of Johannesburg.

kilimanjaro to johannesburg multi stop

Check out Africa tours for everything from beach to safari to epic overland adventures.

Asian Overlander:

Stop off in Istanbul and ease yourself into the East before flying on to Hong Kong. From there, choose your own route through Asia’s many travel hot spots down to Bangkok.

london to hong kong via istanbul multi stop

We can help you plan every aspect of your trip, and while you’re away you will have free access to our Travel Butler service.

If you’re planning a longer trip

South America Encompassed

Cruise the Amazon, dance to the samba beats, learn to tango, trek the Inca trail and much more – this is the perfect South America itinerary.

south america multi city flight

We have a great selection of adventure tours to help you explore the best bits of South America.

The East Bound Walkabout

Explore South East Asia before hitting Sydney where you can travel cross-country to Perth at your own pace before flying back through Dubai.

london to asia to australia to dubai to london

Don’t forget we can also help you find the right tours, accommodation and transport throughout your big adventure.

Ready to start planning your big trip? Speak to a round the world expert on 0800 707 6010. Alternatively, use our trip planner to tailor your own multi-stop flights and holidays.